Day 6 – A slow day turns into an Unexpected few more hours with friends in London!

Jeez, I catch up only to fall behind again.

Yesterday was a very low key day. I knew that H would have a job interview in the afternoon and decided to tag along to the location and wander as she was interviewed since it would only be – at most – thirty minutes.

Before we took off, I channel surfed! Over the years I’ve developed this quirk where I need to check out the different channels at different hotels that I’m in just to see the difference. I’ve done this in San Francisco as well.

Anyway, the selection of programs was what you would normally find in a weekday morning. There was one show that appears to have visitors go to a B&B and judge the experience… Yeah, not sure about whether that’s what the show’s about but it was interesting in that experimental sort of way.

Once I finally got away from the TV we headed out and I wandered around managing to once again get myself a little lost. I went from Victoria Station to Chelsea to back to Sloane Square in about 45 minutes I think. Thankfully I have this little A to Z application that allows me to zoom in and figure out where I am without using GPS.

The unexpectedly best part about today was that we got a text from K letting us know that she and S were in London!! A few more hours with friends that we had said goodbye to the previous day! While they went on a hilariously funny Zombie tour H and I had lunch – we were starving and I only had a cookie that day – at Flat Planet. They have great food, it’s just a lot of it and I can never finish it.

We then met up with K and S at Piccadilly Circus and walked around checking out Whittards Tea, Waterstones and had talked at Costca. Fortnum & Marcus – an extremely posh store – was our next stop where they sell really expensive food. It was a bit like a museum to me because it was totally stuff that I could never afford unless I came in to a whole bunch of money. They had Halloween merchandise there and it all looked very pretty/expensive. Another gem was their Christmas Bazaar which made me so happy! I made sure not to touch anything because I didn’t want anything to break because of me.

Dinner was our next stop and we went to this Italian place where I finally got to eat pizza! I usually don’t go this long without pizza but I had no reason to since H was being incredibly nice and made us all dinner for the last few days? Pizza was good and I managed to eat it all.

Our next adventure was to find a red phone box and take our touristy pictures! One was near St Pancras station and we had a bit of fun getting the camera to work properly but the hilarious bit of the evening came from the decision to get our picture taken at the Pret of Shame.

Now there was no way we were heading back to the original one because there was a chance that we wouldn’t see the Much Ado posters – that would not be fun – but luckily there was one near the red phone box and… we were cracking up for the majority of this photo shoot. The Pret we chose was closing up when we got there and a delivery truck had come by a few seconds later to drop off stuff. I’m hoping this was normal touristy behavior since most people take pictures with anything it seems.

I had the most trouble with picture taking because I could not stop laughing and implemented CT’s hand waving over the face to regain composer trick which eventually worked. Once that was done we headed  to King’s Cross and spent about an hour talking about Much Ado and said goodbye.

I’m still amazed we all hit it off so well that saying goodbye was just that much harder. Two of our group lives in Canada, two others are Londoners and I’m an the LA girl.  I’m definitely going to need any support group emails to get through the next few weeks and overcome this Post Much Ado Depression.

Next up – Edinburgh bound and Arthur’s Seat Re-Visited.

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Day 5 – Slow Day

After this post I’ll be up to date! I missed a day with the double show . Screaming, yelling and applauding are very exhausting hobbies.

Anyway today was a “take it easy” day. We were hoping to recuperate from the past few days of shows.

While F,S and K went to the Globe Theater H and I stayed home and stayed on our computers.

H and I eventually went to a Book Quiz – like a Pub Quiz only about books – that was in our original plan however F, S and K were going to be leaving after the play and we wanted to say goodbye before they left. The Book Quiz is really cool but sadly I was completely useless. Despite the number of books I’ve read in the past I couldn’t help out at all. ~_~”

We left after 3 rounds to catch up with F, S and K and kept them company as they packed and walked with them to the tube station. These last few days have been amazing and I’m so glad to have met these people that I’ve known online for some time now. They’re completely awesome and I hope to keep in touch with them more often and hopefully see them again at some point. 😀

H and I were so sad to say goodbye to them that we spent the rest of the day on the computer and eating junk food. Actually, we needed the rest.

There’s no plan for tomorrow. The Bath trip has been cancelled because it’s just way too much money for an area that I wasn’t too interested in visiting. At this point I’ll probably try and get some shopping done!

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Day 4 – Much Ado About Nothing – Closing Night

It’s really rather difficult trying to explain just how amazing this show, and the two leads, are amazing to people especially to those who have never heard of David or Catherine or even Much Ado but I’ll try because today was all about the play.

Closing night is such a great experience because it’s the final show and you’re just looking to see what crazy antics the cast will do. Everyone’s so relaxed that there’s bound to be some sort of mishaps!

If you haven’t seen the play the following will be completely weird:

When DT first comes out on stage he’s driving a golf cart and it’s a hilarious entrance! Normally, he’s exit is to drive off stage however this time around he crashed the golf cart! Those on stage tried to stay in character but they ended up going to see if he was okay.  DT came back out and gave us the thumbs up that he was okay!

DT and CT kiss at the end of the play and today’s performances, both matinee and closing night, saw them try to go for the longest kiss of the whole run. Cast kept staring while audience was laughing and clapping. We stopped clapping for a bit and they kept going!! They were out of breath when they finally came back up for air.

The play ends with a song and dance – a song that’s currently stuck in my head – and you can just see how much they are enjoying themselves. They are genuinely loving every minute and their smiles sparkle on stage. For the three performances they came out to took three bows. We gave the entire cast a standing ovation for the last performance.

There really is something so wonderful about going to a closing night performance. There’s just an energy in the air that you can feel from the cast and audience. If you can I would definitely recommend going to a closing night performance. Should DT ever be in another play I will definitely shoot for the last week or so of the play so that I can attend closing night.

Last I heard the play was recorded by Digital Theater. I don’t know when it’ll be available to download – no DVD apparently – but when I find out I will totally put in my pre-order.

*Sings*Hey Nonny, nonny

“Sigh No More” – sang by David Tennant and Catherine Tate (from “Much Ado About Nothing”)


Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more;
Men were deceivers ever;
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never;
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny;
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into hey nonny, nonny
Into hey nonny, nonny
Hey nonny, nonny
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Hey nonny, nonny
Hey nonny, nonny.

— music —

Into hey nonny, nonny
Hey nonny, nonny
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Hey nonny, nonny
Hey nonny, nonny

Sing no more ditties, sing no more,
Or dumps so dull and heavy;
The fraud of men were ever so,
Since summer first was leafy.
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into Hey, nonny, nonny
Into hey nonny, nonny
Into hey nonny, nonny


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Day 3 – Walk in the Park, Fright Night and Autograph hunting…

Before our Fright Night excursion we decided to go to H’s local park and take a walk. It’s a very lovely park with a pond where you can rent a tiny boat and row around but sadly we didn’t bring money because we didn’t think we’d need it. Also, got to do a bit of running!

Love the running!

After a lunch of grilled cheese and a salad – proper salads are very hard to come by here in London – we went to H’s local movie theater to watch Fright Night. While H, S and K took the bus, F & I chose to walk to the theater. I totally recommend walking around, especially if you’re abroad, because you get to see a different side of the city that you normally wouldn’t see if stuck with just public transport. It took about 30 minutes but it was nice getting to see the different shops/businesses along the street and talk about shows, sports and politics!

Fright Night itself was fun! This was my second time watching it – first being in the LA – and it was a really cool experience to share with a group of friends. We pretty much giggled whenever David Tennant was on screen. He really does a great job in this role! The theater was nowhere near packed – the five of us made up about half of the audience 😦 – but it was to be expected since most people would be at work or elsewhere on a Friday afternoon. Dreamworks did a horrible job with its marketing in the US and seems to have done the same in the UK which is just sad.

Also, I’m totally sending my Arclight a thank you letter telling them how grateful I am that they don’t show commercials before the movie. This theater showed about 30 minutes of commercials and previews. It was ridiculous. I am assured that this isn’t a normal thing but still… Arclight has spoiled me.

Our original Autograph hunting plan was to get to the theater at about 9pm. We arrived about a few minutes after nine -after having some really good Indian food – only to discover that there was already a group of people at the Stage Door. We did manage to get to the second layer of the crowd but one of the people in front of us was slightly scary because she “wanted her personal space and didn’t want to be touched because she was dying of leukemia”. That’s a direct quote.

Before DT and CT came out, Steve, comes out to let us knowwhat the rules are, namely No Pushing. Sadly, despite the warnings I, along with the rest of our group, got swallowed up and pushed forward. It was crazy hectic and I don’t know how but I managed to get both signatures!!

As a group we also let them both know how much we adore them. 😀

Next Time: Closing Day and Night for Much Ado About Nothing.

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Day 2 – Running around in London plus Much Ado About Nothing is Amazing!

Busy day today!

Toast and tea are an excellent way to start off the morning and the best way to follow that up is with running. Seriously, if you’re in London and you don’t run at least once… well.. there’s just something wrong about that!

Every morning at around 10.30am the Wyndham’s Theater has a lottery for Much Ado tickets for that night’s performance. Some 20 tickets are given to very lucky people and they only pay £10! While I was picking up my tickets my friend H was trying for the lottery and managed to get one!

Once we had the tickets we headed out to meet more friends at Hyde Park Corner for a London Walking Tour that friends F, K and S invited us to join. It was great! Our tour guide, James, had great stories and among other things we got to see Buckingham Palace, Saint James’ Park/Palace and Westminster.

After a picnic at St James’ Park we split up. K, S and I went to The Who Shop in Upton Park which is a bit out of the way but the owners are really nice. They have quite a number o f things for the recent series which means that sadly most of the Ten stuff is pretty much gone. Great place to visit if you’re a Doctor Who fan and in the area.

Once  back in Central London we had a quick dinner at Pret a Manger – we really need something like this in CA – because the reason I was here in the first place was about to start…


I won’t go too much into it because it’s 4am here and I’m exhausted but I LOVED IT. David Tennant and Catherine Tate were absolutely BRILLIANT.  DT did in fact perform tonight and… it was just amazing to watch him on stage. I laughed throughout the majority of the show especially the first half.  I loved the way it ended – again no detail – but it’s just filled with so much energy from the cast and you can tell that they enjoy performing!

We didn’t get anything signed because there was already a crowd around when we finally got to the Stage Door. I wasn’t too upset though because, before the show, I realized that I one of the tickets I purchased was a premium ticket and that meant that I got a signed program by David Tennant and Catherine Tate! SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!

I also purchased a poster, the soundtrack, a t-shirt and will probably buy the cup, magnet and keychain when I’m back again. If they ever film this – crosses fingers – I’ll definitely purchase that as well.

Right. I’m way into 4am now here, it’s 8.35 PM PST, so it’s time I got some sleep.

Tomorrow is Fright Night – UK Edition!

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One note on Edinburgh and the Start of UK Trip Part 2

Edinburgh Castle

I loved Edinburgh.

I wish I had the time to go through that wee, back in March, but time got away from me. Now that I’m back in the UK, I’m using this chance to start over and try to blog everyday for the two weeks I’ll be away.

So here’s Day 1:

I’m currently staying with friends in London – we’re watching Gilmore Girls – and have yet to get any sleep. I’ve been awake since 8ish in the morning of August 30th (it’s August 31st 2:45pm PST) after a 9 hour flight and one hour tube ride into the city.

Why am I back? Well, for those that don’t remember two of my favorite actors, David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be performing in Much Ado About Nothing! On a side note, I’ve heard that DT hasn’t been feeling to well- apparently he lost his voice and has had to cancel a couple of shows so I’m slightly nervous that I won’t get to see him at all. Update: He’s back tonight apparently!!

Other than that I’ll be visiting my friends! Both old and new ones that I’ve met through our mutual adoration of Doctor Who and David Tennant. Part of the “plan” is to attend the movie Fright Night so that should be very very exciting. Any event is much more fun when you get to share it with other people!

I will also be visiting Edinburgh again. I loved it there back in March I’m looking forward to visiting the city after a few months away. I’ll be staying at the same place as last time which thankfully saves me researching time. 😀 It’s only for three days but it’s something!

That should do it for today. It was a really low key day because of all the traveling. Tomorrow should be fun since I’ll be taking in my first showing of Much Ado and will be doing a walking tour around London with friends! 😀

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Paris – 1st March 2011


La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel!

As you might have guessed by now I made it to Paris! The train ride wasn’t bad – two and a half hours with 25 of those minutes underwater! – I was pretty sleepy (woke up at 5am to catch Eurostar) so I had an easier time dozing in and out.

I really hadn’t planned anything so at the last minute I bought one of those open bus tour tickets. If you only have a day in a city it’s probably one of the better options because it takes you to all of the different touristy places and you can hop on and off at your leisure but be sure to check when the last bus leaves from wherever you are!

I had originally purchased a ticket to climb the Eiffel Tower at 3pm but sadly I had to make sure I caught my connecting bus back to Gare du Nord (the train station) so I had to miss out on the actual climbing experience. BUT I made sure that most of my time was spent at the Eiffel Tower.

Which is pretty much what I did!

And it’s gorgeous! I don’t really think it hit me until I was there and seeing SO MANY PEOPLE taking pictures.

Oh and did I mention that it was freezing? No? I have no idea how that could have escaped me because it was very much freezing. Cold temperatures with even colder wind; I’m pretty sure it was colder than London to be honest. But it was worth it.

Thanks to the bus tour I got to see L’Arc de Triomphe, Cathedral de Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, Louvre.. and a bunch of other sights but what I kind of enjoyed the most was looking at the streets and people and cars… the everyday things that most probably don’t focus on while they are on holiday.

As much as I liked Paris I don’t think I’ll be coming back as a solo traveler. Next time, because there’s bound to be one, I would like to come with friends or a with a group of people. I think I would have had more fun that way. That and I’m pretty sure I psyched myself out that I became overwhelmed and nervous by it.

Oh but next time I’m definitely tackling that Metro, and visiting the Louvre (it was closed that day), and visiting the Cathedral…

What? Yes, I’m already making a list. 😉

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