I’m finally going back to London!

I should probably back up and explain that in October of 2008 I traveled from Los Angeles to London for the first time! It was my first trip on a plane (10 1/2 hours) and I traveled all the way over there to see my favorite actor – the lovely David Tennant – on stage in the Royal Shakespeare Company productions of Hamlet and Love’s Labour’s Lost.

The productions were amazing! I was very fortunate to see both of them. If you are interested the Hamlet production, which also starred Sir Patrick Stewart, it is available on DVD and I highly recommend it!

Maybe someday I’ll talk about my UK2008 London trip. But for the most part, I got to meet some amazing people in person, I got DT’s autograph and I played a tourist in London.

Anyway, fast forward two years – and a couple of months later – and I am two days away from going to LAX and flying Virgin Atlantic to Heathrow airport! David Tennant won’t be on stage while I’m there – check back in a couple of months 😉 – but I am looking forward to a fantastic week with a number of other fangirls watching Classic Who (in a Doctor Who themed cottage!), going to the Doctor Who Experience and possibly taking in a show or two; specifically Frankenstein with Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch and Season’s Greetings with Catherine Tate!.

The sight seeing thing will be happening again in London but I’ll also have adventures in and around Kent, a day will be devoted to Paris and Cardiff and I’ll be staying in Edinburgh for a nice week which means I’ll have plenty of stuff to write/type about!

So Welcome! Hope you enjoy the ramblings of a LA girl leaving La la land for other interesting places!

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