Packing is one of my favorite things about any trip. I used to pack a lot while at UCI because I kept coming back home every weekend but I never got the hang of packing light because I didn’t need to worry since I was traveling by car. I brought anything I wanted and that usually included my backpack, books I needed, my laptop, laundry (it took me until fourth year to finally make use of my local laundry facilities) and any additional clothing for the weekend.

See… definitely not a light packer.

But after listening and reading from other experienced travelers on packing light I’m enjoying the process a bit more! This serves two purposes: 1) I can make sure I don’t go over the allowed weight limit and 2) I can bring more stuff back with me!! 😀
So for this 3 week trip I’m trying – although slightly failing at the moment – to minimize the amount of clothing I take with me. It’s been difficult reducing the number of items I bring but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

These are some of the thoughts running through my head while packing:

– Space saver bags! These are amazing because they allow me to roll out any excess air from bags filled with clothes. Last time I just rolled everything up into tiny pieces of clothing which worked great but I wanted to give this a shot and I’m liking it! Hopefully I’ll be able to add more stuff on the way back!

– Mix and Match. I’m very conscious about trying to have a minimal number of shirts, jeans and 1 or 2 sweaters that I can mix to make a number of different outfits for the trip. If I need to do laundry I can do that at the hostel I’m staying in!

– I also try and remember that if I forget anything I can always get it over there. I worry that I’ll need something else and knowing this helps me feel better. There are plenty of shops and chances are I won’t need to get anything extra while there but it’s good to have the thought in place.

– Since I’ll be checking in a bag again I’ve made sure that I have an extra outfit available in my backpack just in case the luggage doesn’t follow me back home.
As of right now most of my clothing is already stuffed into the space saver bags but I’m thinking about looking at everything again and see if I can delete a few more things.

Those are my thoughts on packing! If you have any suggestions, or your own packing stories, I’d love to hear/read them in the comments! 😀

Have a great Sunday!

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