White Cliffs of Dover and Sandwich Day! – 25th February, 2011

Breakfast is a very unusual activity for me because I never do it. I know it’s the “most important meal of the day” but I can’t get the hang of it. Believe me, I tried eating oatmeal everyday at work and that lasted for about a week. This last week at the cottage has made me realize that a bit of toast with butter – and tea! – doesn’t take too long to make and I’m kind of hoping to make it a habit once I get back. If I’m presented with bread, butter and a toaster during the rest of the trip, I’ll definitely take advantage!


The day before our plan was to try and visit Dover Castle and just get pictures from the outside instead of paying the £9 to go inside it. We managed to find Dover pretty easily thanks to K’s GPS but the actual road to the castle was a bit trickier and once we did find it we were told that in order to get through their checkpoint it would cost us £13.50 EACH! >_< There was no way we were each going to pay that amount so we turned around and headed towards the cliffs.

There is one particular thing that I’ll always remember about the drive which is thanks to K’s GPS.  We were supposed to make a U-turn at one point but we missed it and “Emmy” (I believe that was the gps’ name) freaked out and started yelling at us to “make a u-turn!”. Okay, maybe yelling is a bit of an exaggeration but it sounded like she thought we were going to drive off the cliffs.

The walk was an experience! I’m not exactly fearful of heights but I made sure that I was closer to the land because I so did NOT want to fall. It was very muddy, thanks to the rain from yesterday, and it was extremely cold which made the walk slightly more nerve racking. Also, note to self and others interested in this trip: if possible, do NOT wear Converse. I made it okay but they were new and probably had more friction than my old pair at home and I was going slowly.

While we didn’t reach the end of the cliffs, we were able to see the boats that go to France though! Everyone who had internet access actually had French carriers on their phones even though we were still technically in England! I realize now that pictures would be great right here. I’m getting to them.

Luckily it was a very sunny day and we were able to get really great shots of Dover castle from where we were!


Our next goal of the day was to find a sandwich shop in Sandwich and have the best sandwich of our lives that would make us want to come back!

Surprisingly, we couldn’t find a sandwich – only – shop. We did see a Subway along the way but we weren’t going to go in there. We wandered around a lot until we decided to give this pub/restaurant a try because we were hungry and it looked pretty nice. It turned out to the best decision we made! It’s The Admiral Owen and we each had an amazing sandwich! I had a Pastrami on a Ciabatta (sp?) bread although the Chorizo one sounded amazing.

The sandwich would have looked great next to the “Welcome to Sandwich” sign across the street but we decided to eat first and then take our picture with the sign to show that we were there! Just one of the few touristy things that is more fun with friends. J

During this trip I started trying out a new “tradition” of buying something from each of the cities I visited. S was collecting magnets and, seeing as all of the keychains I’ve purchased haven’t lasted long enough, I went with that route so the last thing we did in Sandwich was go looking for our souvenirs.

The day ended with our daily Doctor Who rewatch and this time we were trying to watch the Sixth Doctor.

But wait a minute. What happened to the Fifth Doctor?

Well, I do remember that we tried to watch the Fifth Doctor’s first episode but we didn’t finish it because he wasn’t there a lot of the time. We did watch The Five Doctors which was very very cool! This is probably my favorite Classic Doctor and that’s probably because he reminds me so much of the Tenth Doctor (My Doctor!). It shouldn’t surprise me since I’ve heard that David Tennant’s favorite Doctor is the Fifth Doctor.

We also watched the Fifth Doctor’s last story which seemed slightly similar to the Tenth’s actually. The one thing that ruined the ending for me was the companion Perri who I found very annoying.

My thoughts on the Sixth Doctor are short and sweet: Worst. Doctor. Ever. I may not have given him much of a chance but I couldn’t muster up the energy to because he was so different from the other Doctors that we’ve seen.

So that’s it!

Oh wait, the spaghetti thing. We each had a day where we had to make dinner for the rest of us and that was my night! I wouldn’t have made it without H’s help! So, “I” made spaghetti, salad and garlic/cheese bread. I never cook for myself, let alone anyone else because I’m afraid I’ll inadvertently get something wrong, so this was a first. 🙂

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