Cantebury Day – 23rd February 2011

So it’s been a couple of days since I last posted…

So sorry! I’m back now with 24 hours of wifi!! For £5… It’s a good deal! You know, just completely ignore the fact that it’s 7pm here and some of those hours – if not most of them – will be spent either asleep or out and about in London. ~_~

Anyway, let’s go back to Cantebury Day!

The drive from Lydd to Cantebury took about an hour in the rain but luckily it wasn’t too bad. H is a really good driver! I was especially impressed with the number of roundabouts she got through and that week was her first time driving in England! Roundabouts are very interesting to go through but I would be incredibly stressed trying to navigate one myself.

Free parking is nearly impossible to find anywhere so once we finally found a spot and paid for it, we all made our way toward the Cathedral (£9). It is beautiful! I couldn’t take too many outside shots because it was raining and I didn’t want my camera to get wet. I love that we were allowed to take a photos pretty much everywhere except for the Crypt which is understandable. In the Crypt we were asked to stay silent and for no photography.

The Crypt was a very interesting place to visit. I’m not particularly religious but I do respect it and those who believe so I tended to focus on the place as a whole rather than on anything based on religion. One particular section that got to me was where they kept a prayer section. People can leave a post it note asking for prayers (most of the ones we saw were asking for prayers for those  in New Zealand who just went through another – even more vicious – earthquake after last one, to all those who are suffering in Lybia and personal ones as well) and they would be read at the next service.

After leaving the Cathedral we decided to split up. H & L went to move the car and K, S and I looked around for a market nearby to see if it was any good. Unfortunately the market and subsequent stores were a bit disappointing and we decided to call H & L back so that they wouldn’t pay for parking; we were a too late for that.

The extra time was spent at a pub/restaurant in town trying to dry up and warm up because it was freezing that day. I had chips (french fries) and while they were okay, the inside of most of them reminded me of mashed potatoes. Not my favorite chip experience.

Anyway, once we were done we headed back to the cottage and watched a bunch of Doctor Who. Specifically we watched the Fourth Doctor in Genesis of the Daleks. How can we not in a Doctor Who themed cottage? 😀 The plan for the week, in terms of Doctor Who, was to watch at least one story involving each of the first 7 Doctors from Classic Who and Four was it for that night!

That was also the night H, K and I headed out to the George Hotel Pub for a cup of tea and free wifi! I know I’m an internet addict but I didn’t know just how much until that moment. Sadly we were only there for an hour because it closed at 11pm but it wouldn’t be the last time I went there for a cuppa!

I’m working on pictures as I type and hopefully I’ll have another post in the next hour or two talking about Cliffs of Dover, a sandwich in Sandwich and spaghetti!

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