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Paris – 1st March 2011

  As you might have guessed by now I made it to Paris! The train ride wasn’t bad – two and a half hours with 25 of those minutes underwater! – I was pretty sleepy (woke up at 5am to catch … Continue reading

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BBC Tour! – Monday, 28th February 2011

One of the main tourist-y things I was looking forward to was the BBC Tour. Anyone that knows me is aware of my extreme devotion – hey it’s better than “obsession” – to television and especially British television. So when … Continue reading

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I’m back in Los Angeles so any future posts will be based on what I can remember. Thankfully I’ve written everything up in a journal! I’ve actually been back for about a week but I haven’t spent hours typing/posting because … Continue reading

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Greenwich – Royal Observatory and Oscar Night – Sunday 27th February 2011

Author’s Note: I am running so very behind on this thing but I figure that’s a good thing because it means that I am keeping myself so busy that I can’t stay up to type the happenings of the day. … Continue reading

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Sad Goodbye to Kent and Hello to London – Saturday, 26th Feb 2011

Woke up at 5am because K. needed to get an earlier train out than the rest of us; well, I had a BritRail pass so I could leave anytime and I decided to go with the group later that day. … Continue reading

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