Sad Goodbye to Kent and Hello to London – Saturday, 26th Feb 2011

Woke up at 5am because K. needed to get an earlier train out than the rest of us; well, I had a BritRail pass so I could leave anytime and I decided to go with the group later that day.

I went with H. who gave K. a lift to the train station so that I could say goodbye and H wouldn’t be on her own getting back. We made it there just in time for K to make her train thanks to Emmy (K’s gps). Getting back was interesting because we got lost. On the plus side we got to see more of Ashford!

We eventually made it back and searched for the guest book that was hidden with a whole bunch of Doctor Who related games! Seeing as we had another hour or two to go the Doctor Who Scene It game was opened up and played by the four of us!

I won’t go into the particulars of the game/results because that would make this post crazy long and I apparently really suck at Image Difference questions which is sad because I tend to edit a bit at work. Then again I’m not competing with three other people for the answer.

Check out time was at 10am so the last hour was spent cleaning and signing the guest book. It was tough saying goodbye to the cottage. I’m really glad we booked it because it allowed us to enjoy Doctor Who with other people and I now have a slightly higher degree of Classic Who knowledge because of this experience!

The trip back to London was uneventful. H made sure I was getting the correct Oyster card, don’t remember if I mentioned this but my Visitor Oyster Card that was apparently suppose to be working DID NOT so I had to buy one at King’s Cross.

I felt slightly confident about finding the London House Hotel however it ended up taking me about an hour – if a little longer – to actually find it. I have a really bad sense of direction. *hangs head in shame*

In my defense, the directions I copied/pasted from the website pretty much said “turn left, turn right, turn second left” but did NOT indicate streets! That would have made my search a hell of a lot easier.

Turns out, it is really close to the tube. It really should only take you 5-10 minutes to get there; less if you’re doing a “power walk”.

Looking back on it now I have to say that I really liked the hotel. I had a bed, TV (sadly only four channels were available), a mini fridge, a safe, they service the room everyday so a made up bed is all waiting for me when I came in! The wifi… It’s good. It costs £1/hr which at first I thought was highway robbery but seeing the prices at this hostel I’m staying at now… well let’s just say I really miss the prices there.

Anyway, I was in London! And despite the fact that it was sprinkling/raining again I decided to head off and go to.. FORBIDDEN PLANET! Yep! Instead of hitting up the big touristy locations – which to be honest I’ve probably seen most of them by now – I went to the store that would have Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek among other favorite sci-fi toys. *is totally not ashamed to admit this* What’s even better about this trip is that I managed to find it by memory!! I know! I was just as amazed as you are right now considering what happened earlier.

Then I just walked around with no real objective. I figured I would eventually find the tube and make my way back to the hotel. Lo and behold, I ended up finding TK Maxx on Charring Cross Road – that is not a typo there for those who know of TJ Maxx – and I purchased my Red Nose Day Shakespeare shirt!! 😀 *happy dance at the memory* I bought a small but it probably looks big on me.

I kind of kept going after that and managed to find my way to Leicester Square – one of my favorite places in London mainly because it’s movie premiere central so it reminded me of Los Angeles – but sadly it’s been closed off because they’re prepping for the Olympics in 2012. A lot of stuff here is closed off really. I don’t know if I’ll get to see it in 2012 but I hope to see how it all turns out at some point!

That pretty much sums up the day. I was extremely tired so I called it a night and purchased 3 hours of wifi. Only two good things about that £3 purchase: 1) Cute receptionist guy that I always got to see because of the wifi addiction I have and 2) WIFI! 😀

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