Greenwich – Royal Observatory and Oscar Night – Sunday 27th February 2011

Author’s Note: I am running so very behind on this thing but I figure that’s a good thing because it means that I am keeping myself so busy that I can’t stay up to type the happenings of the day.

Here is the next day’s adventures!

Goal of the day was to meet up with H and go to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory and get our picture taken at the Prime Meridian!

But first I did some more walking but this time I was a tourist with my camera! First off was getting to the Embankment tube exit so that I can start off my tour with the London Eye! Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are really close by which is why I love this particular area.

I’m hoping to be able to go to one of Westminster Abbey’s Evensong’s before I leave the UK. The good news is that Westminster Abbey is now INCLUDED in my London Pass! So I don’t technically have to go to the service but if I have time I’ll try and squeeze it in!

Having no specific place that I wanted to go I eventually made it to Buckingham Palace and it was PACKED. Last time I was there it wasn’t that crowded but when I took off my earphones I realized that there was music going on and lo and behold I had arrived toward the end of the Changing of the Guard!

I stayed for while taking in the number of people present and once it ended I made my way to St James’ Park which is beautiful and the sun was shining that day which made the experience even better!

Realizing that I was cutting it close with H. I made my way to Oxford Circus where we met up and took the tube/DLR to Greenwich and the once sunny day was gone and it was raining and freezing again!

Two things really stood out from the Observatory trip:

1.       Getting to see a timeline of events, theories and discoveries surrounding the planets and our universe. It’s not too difficult to believe that back in the early days Earth, or the sun, was considered the center of the universe but what I find continually amazing is the notion that space is forever expanding and has no end. Don’t think I want to know if it does have an end…

2.       There’s this really cool exhibit where amateur and professional photographers took pictures of space and submitted them for a competition. All of the runners up and winners were amazing! You can find the pictures here if you’re interested in seeing some of them.

The Prime Meridian was the last thing we did and luckily the wait wasn’t too long and the rain had stopped long enough for us to get our picture taken!! It’s pretty cool place if you can make it out there.

Lunch was had at a pub nearby where they had a 2 meals for £6 and even with the pub being pretty much full of football fans we managed to get a really good smoked chicken (with cheese and bacon) along with peas and chips! So good!

Exhaustion set in during the ride back to Central London so we called it a night and I forked over the £5 for 24 hours of wifi. I was slightly desperate because I wanted to see the Oscars, or at least follow along with everyone else. It wasn’t the best Oscars show. Anne Hathaway is great but I’m not much of a fan of Franco so it didn’t surprise me that I managed to miss the important categories that they leave for the end. At least I caught up later that morning!

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