One note on Edinburgh and the Start of UK Trip Part 2

Edinburgh Castle

I loved Edinburgh.

I wish I had the time to go through that wee, back in March, but time got away from me. Now that I’m back in the UK, I’m using this chance to start over and try to blog everyday for the two weeks I’ll be away.

So here’s Day 1:

I’m currently staying with friends in London – we’re watching Gilmore Girls – and have yet to get any sleep. I’ve been awake since 8ish in the morning of August 30th (it’s August 31st 2:45pm PST) after a 9 hour flight and one hour tube ride into the city.

Why am I back? Well, for those that don’t remember two of my favorite actors, David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be performing in Much Ado About Nothing! On a side note, I’ve heard that DT hasn’t been feeling to well- apparently he lost his voice and has had to cancel a couple of shows so I’m slightly nervous that I won’t get to see him at all. Update: He’s back tonight apparently!!

Other than that I’ll be visiting my friends! Both old and new ones that I’ve met through our mutual adoration of Doctor Who and David Tennant. Part of the “plan” is to attend the movie Fright Night so that should be very very exciting. Any event is much more fun when you get to share it with other people!

I will also be visiting Edinburgh again. I loved it there back in March I’m looking forward to visiting the city after a few months away. I’ll be staying at the same place as last time which thankfully saves me researching time. 😀 It’s only for three days but it’s something!

That should do it for today. It was a really low key day because of all the traveling. Tomorrow should be fun since I’ll be taking in my first showing of Much Ado and will be doing a walking tour around London with friends! 😀

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