Day 2 – Running around in London plus Much Ado About Nothing is Amazing!

Busy day today!

Toast and tea are an excellent way to start off the morning and the best way to follow that up is with running. Seriously, if you’re in London and you don’t run at least once… well.. there’s just something wrong about that!

Every morning at around 10.30am the Wyndham’s Theater has a lottery for Much Ado tickets for that night’s performance. Some 20 tickets are given to very lucky people and they only pay £10! While I was picking up my tickets my friend H was trying for the lottery and managed to get one!

Once we had the tickets we headed out to meet more friends at Hyde Park Corner for a London Walking Tour that friends F, K and S invited us to join. It was great! Our tour guide, James, had great stories and among other things we got to see Buckingham Palace, Saint James’ Park/Palace and Westminster.

After a picnic at St James’ Park we split up. K, S and I went to The Who Shop in Upton Park which is a bit out of the way but the owners are really nice. They have quite a number o f things for the recent series which means that sadly most of the Ten stuff is pretty much gone. Great place to visit if you’re a Doctor Who fan and in the area.

Once  back in Central London we had a quick dinner at Pret a Manger – we really need something like this in CA – because the reason I was here in the first place was about to start…


I won’t go too much into it because it’s 4am here and I’m exhausted but I LOVED IT. David Tennant and Catherine Tate were absolutely BRILLIANT.  DT did in fact perform tonight and… it was just amazing to watch him on stage. I laughed throughout the majority of the show especially the first half.  I loved the way it ended – again no detail – but it’s just filled with so much energy from the cast and you can tell that they enjoy performing!

We didn’t get anything signed because there was already a crowd around when we finally got to the Stage Door. I wasn’t too upset though because, before the show, I realized that I one of the tickets I purchased was a premium ticket and that meant that I got a signed program by David Tennant and Catherine Tate! SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!

I also purchased a poster, the soundtrack, a t-shirt and will probably buy the cup, magnet and keychain when I’m back again. If they ever film this – crosses fingers – I’ll definitely purchase that as well.

Right. I’m way into 4am now here, it’s 8.35 PM PST, so it’s time I got some sleep.

Tomorrow is Fright Night – UK Edition!

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