Day 3 – Walk in the Park, Fright Night and Autograph hunting…

Before our Fright Night excursion we decided to go to H’s local park and take a walk. It’s a very lovely park with a pond where you can rent a tiny boat and row around but sadly we didn’t bring money because we didn’t think we’d need it. Also, got to do a bit of running!

Love the running!

After a lunch of grilled cheese and a salad – proper salads are very hard to come by here in London – we went to H’s local movie theater to watch Fright Night. While H, S and K took the bus, F & I chose to walk to the theater. I totally recommend walking around, especially if you’re abroad, because you get to see a different side of the city that you normally wouldn’t see if stuck with just public transport. It took about 30 minutes but it was nice getting to see the different shops/businesses along the street and talk about shows, sports and politics!

Fright Night itself was fun! This was my second time watching it – first being in the LA – and it was a really cool experience to share with a group of friends. We pretty much giggled whenever David Tennant was on screen. He really does a great job in this role! The theater was nowhere near packed – the five of us made up about half of the audience 😦 – but it was to be expected since most people would be at work or elsewhere on a Friday afternoon. Dreamworks did a horrible job with its marketing in the US and seems to have done the same in the UK which is just sad.

Also, I’m totally sending my Arclight a thank you letter telling them how grateful I am that they don’t show commercials before the movie. This theater showed about 30 minutes of commercials and previews. It was ridiculous. I am assured that this isn’t a normal thing but still… Arclight has spoiled me.

Our original Autograph hunting plan was to get to the theater at about 9pm. We arrived about a few minutes after nine -after having some really good Indian food – only to discover that there was already a group of people at the Stage Door. We did manage to get to the second layer of the crowd but one of the people in front of us was slightly scary because she “wanted her personal space and didn’t want to be touched because she was dying of leukemia”. That’s a direct quote.

Before DT and CT came out, Steve, comes out to let us knowwhat the rules are, namely No Pushing. Sadly, despite the warnings I, along with the rest of our group, got swallowed up and pushed forward. It was crazy hectic and I don’t know how but I managed to get both signatures!!

As a group we also let them both know how much we adore them. 😀

Next Time: Closing Day and Night for Much Ado About Nothing.

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