Day 5 – Slow Day

After this post I’ll be up to date! I missed a day with the double show . Screaming, yelling and applauding are very exhausting hobbies.

Anyway today was a “take it easy” day. We were hoping to recuperate from the past few days of shows.

While F,S and K went to the Globe Theater H and I stayed home and stayed on our computers.

H and I eventually went to a Book Quiz – like a Pub Quiz only about books – that was in our original plan however F, S and K were going to be leaving after the play and we wanted to say goodbye before they left. The Book Quiz is really cool but sadly I was completely useless. Despite the number of books I’ve read in the past I couldn’t help out at all. ~_~”

We left after 3 rounds to catch up with F, S and K and kept them company as they packed and walked with them to the tube station. These last few days have been amazing and I’m so glad to have met these people that I’ve known online for some time now. They’re completely awesome and I hope to keep in touch with them more often and hopefully see them again at some point. 😀

H and I were so sad to say goodbye to them that we spent the rest of the day on the computer and eating junk food. Actually, we needed the rest.

There’s no plan for tomorrow. The Bath trip has been cancelled because it’s just way too much money for an area that I wasn’t too interested in visiting. At this point I’ll probably try and get some shopping done!

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