Day 6 – A slow day turns into an Unexpected few more hours with friends in London!

Jeez, I catch up only to fall behind again.

Yesterday was a very low key day. I knew that H would have a job interview in the afternoon and decided to tag along to the location and wander as she was interviewed since it would only be – at most – thirty minutes.

Before we took off, I channel surfed! Over the years I’ve developed this quirk where I need to check out the different channels at different hotels that I’m in just to see the difference. I’ve done this in San Francisco as well.

Anyway, the selection of programs was what you would normally find in a weekday morning. There was one show that appears to have visitors go to a B&B and judge the experience… Yeah, not sure about whether that’s what the show’s about but it was interesting in that experimental sort of way.

Once I finally got away from the TV we headed out and I wandered around managing to once again get myself a little lost. I went from Victoria Station to Chelsea to back to Sloane Square in about 45 minutes I think. Thankfully I have this little A to Z application that allows me to zoom in and figure out where I am without using GPS.

The unexpectedly best part about today was that we got a text from K letting us know that she and S were in London!! A few more hours with friends that we had said goodbye to the previous day! While they went on a hilariously funny Zombie tour H and I had lunch – we were starving and I only had a cookie that day – at Flat Planet. They have great food, it’s just a lot of it and I can never finish it.

We then met up with K and S at Piccadilly Circus and walked around checking out Whittards Tea, Waterstones and had talked at Costca. Fortnum & Marcus – an extremely posh store – was our next stop where they sell really expensive food. It was a bit like a museum to me because it was totally stuff that I could never afford unless I came in to a whole bunch of money. They had Halloween merchandise there and it all looked very pretty/expensive. Another gem was their Christmas Bazaar which made me so happy! I made sure not to touch anything because I didn’t want anything to break because of me.

Dinner was our next stop and we went to this Italian place where I finally got to eat pizza! I usually don’t go this long without pizza but I had no reason to since H was being incredibly nice and made us all dinner for the last few days? Pizza was good and I managed to eat it all.

Our next adventure was to find a red phone box and take our touristy pictures! One was near St Pancras station and we had a bit of fun getting the camera to work properly but the hilarious bit of the evening came from the decision to get our picture taken at the Pret of Shame.

Now there was no way we were heading back to the original one because there was a chance that we wouldn’t see the Much Ado posters – that would not be fun – but luckily there was one near the red phone box and… we were cracking up for the majority of this photo shoot. The Pret we chose was closing up when we got there and a delivery truck had come by a few seconds later to drop off stuff. I’m hoping this was normal touristy behavior since most people take pictures with anything it seems.

I had the most trouble with picture taking because I could not stop laughing and implemented CT’s hand waving over the face to regain composer trick which eventually worked. Once that was done we headed  to King’s Cross and spent about an hour talking about Much Ado and said goodbye.

I’m still amazed we all hit it off so well that saying goodbye was just that much harder. Two of our group lives in Canada, two others are Londoners and I’m an the LA girl.  I’m definitely going to need any support group emails to get through the next few weeks and overcome this Post Much Ado Depression.

Next up – Edinburgh bound and Arthur’s Seat Re-Visited.

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