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Day 4 – Much Ado About Nothing – Closing Night

It’s really rather difficult trying to explain just how amazing this show, and the two leads, are amazing to people especially to those who have never heard of David or Catherine or even Much Ado but I’ll try because today … Continue reading

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Paris – 1st March 2011

  As you might have guessed by now I made it to Paris! The train ride wasn’t bad – two and a half hours with 25 of those minutes underwater! – I was pretty sleepy (woke up at 5am to catch … Continue reading

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BBC Tour! – Monday, 28th February 2011

One of the main tourist-y things I was looking forward to was the BBC Tour. Anyone that knows me is aware of my extreme devotion – hey it’s better than “obsession” – to television and especially British television. So when … Continue reading

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Sad Goodbye to Kent and Hello to London – Saturday, 26th Feb 2011

Woke up at 5am because K. needed to get an earlier train out than the rest of us; well, I had a BritRail pass so I could leave anytime and I decided to go with the group later that day. … Continue reading

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White Cliffs of Dover and Sandwich Day! – 25th February, 2011

Breakfast is a very unusual activity for me because I never do it. I know it’s the “most important meal of the day” but I can’t get the hang of it. Believe me, I tried eating oatmeal everyday at work … Continue reading

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Cantebury Day – 23rd February 2011

So it’s been a couple of days since I last posted… So sorry! I’m back now with 24 hours of wifi!! For £5… It’s a good deal! You know, just completely ignore the fact that it’s 7pm here and some … Continue reading

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Travel Day 1

Hey all! I have missed the internet so much! I’m pretty sure I have a bit of an internet addiction. ~_~ My iPhone has been reduced to just a phone and it’s incredibly weird opening it up and not being … Continue reading

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